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Generic Raw Stevia Seeds: Bristles & Pappus have NOT been removed. All our seeds are untreated and free of any harsh chemicals. These seeds come directly from the farm. Our stock is always rotating, so no seed will ever be more than a few months old. Sowing season average temperature is about 24 29 C. Store in the refrigerator at 4C is recommended for this species. To know more about the difference click here

Stevia Cultivation Guide

Stevia-Seeds.jpg 10 grams Raw Stevia Seeds
Stevia-Seeds.jpg 50 grams Raw Stevia Seeds
Stevia-Seeds.jpg 100 gm Raw Stevia Seeds

Stevia-Seeds.jpg 200 gm Raw Stevia Seeds
Stevia-Seeds.jpg 500 gm Raw Stevia Seeds
Stevia-Seeds.jpg 1 KG Raw Stevia Seeds
Germination is affected by such factors as temperature, moisture content, light intensity and contamination of planting media. These factors are totally out of the seller's control and are the buyer's responsibility and risk. Consequently, the seller cannot unconditionally guarantee seed to perform properly regardless of conditions or the buyer's methods or mistakes.
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It is entirely the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the item that they are purchasing is legally allowed as an import into their state/country. We at Ever Stevia Canada will not be held responsible if the country of destination rejects, destroys or confiscates the product. We do not offer product replacement for items lost/damaged/confiscated during overseas transit. Please do not buy if you do not agree with our terms. Questions can be emailed to info@everstevia.com.

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