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All our Stevia Rebaudiana are granule powder (no sweet dust) feels and tastes like sugar. 100% pure free from any fillers, additives, preservatives or other sweet substances. The Stevioside over 99% and Rebaudioside over 98%. Rebaudiana-A is the sweetest part of stevia leaf, when itís highly purified it gives a taste of clear, pure without any bitterness or lingering. The color is as white as snow.

To know more about the difference between Stevioside and Rebaudiana-A CLICK HERE 

steviabulk.jpg Concentrated Rebaudiana-A 60% (500gm - 1kg)

steviabulk.jpg Concentrated Rebaudiana-A 98% (500gm - 1kg)

steviabulk.jpg Concentrated Rebaudiana-A 98% - 10 kg - On Sale
Can$2,240.00 Can$1,995.00 On Sale!

SteviosideBulk ST90-RA50 Stevia Extract Granulated Powder (IMPROVED)
1 lbs - On Sale

Can$58.00 Can$55.00 On Sale!
SteviaMaxBulk ST95-RA80 Stevia Extract Granulated Powder - 1lb (NEW)
dryleaf.jpg Stevia Leaf (C/S) 1 lb
steviagreenpowder.jpg Stevia Leaf Green Powder (Organic) 1 lb
dryleaf.jpg Stevia Leaf Green Powder (Wildcrafted) 1 lb

We are able to offer best prices in the market for Rebaudiana-A 40%, 60%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 97% and 98% for larger inquiries please contact us

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