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Ever Stevia Plus Herbs sources over 1,500 products. Our Top Products list for the most popular raw ingredients in the market including Wildcrafted and Certified Organic for practitioners, pharmaceutical and/or for personal use. Tinctures for practitioners only. Ask us for any herb products whether it's Cut/Sifted, Whole, Powder, Granules or Tincture. Products on this website are just small samples of what we have. For all herb products, please ask us for our emailable product list. Email us at: herbs@everstevia.com
alfalfa.jpg Alfalfa Leaf Powder-Organic 1 pound
Alfalfa is known to be an immune-system stimulant that promotes normal blood clotting; and the vitamin K content helps treat bleeding gums and nosebleed, but does not interfere with normal circulation. The bioflavonoids found in Alfalfa are believed to build capillary strength. Alfalfa was used to treat ulcers and continues in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to strengthen the digestive tract and stimulate the appetite.

Berberisvulgaris.jpg Barberry Bark (Berberis vulgaris) - 1 pound
Traditional herbal medicine uses barberry is used to relieve inflammation caused by bacterial or protozoal infections of ears, nose, throat, and sinuses, and to relieve pain caused by yeast infections of the skin or vagina. Barberry is also used to relieve psoriasis. In the traditional Unani herbal medicine of Iran, barberry is used to stabilize blood pressure and to normalize heart rhythms to prevent stroke.

RootBeet.gif Beet Root Powder (Beta vulgaris) - 1 pound
Beet Root is a rich source of natural sugar. It contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, chlorine, iodine, iron, copper, vitamin B1, B2, C and P. It is rich in easily digestible carbohydrates, but the calorie content is low. Beet is an excellent source to clean the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. They are rich in alkaline elements, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, they are useful in combating acidosis and acid the natural processes of elimination.

celeryseed.jpg Celery Seed (Ajamoda) Powder-Organic 1 pound
Celery powder is a close relative of the celery you can buy in market. The fruit or "seed" is grayish green to brown with a characteristic, slightly bitter, spicy taste. Too much celery seed can overpower a dish, whereas a little brings out flavors in other foods. Celery seed is used in pickles, casseroles, and Bloody Marys

Gymnema.jpg Gymnema Leaf Powder - 1 pound
Gymnema sylvestre is a herb noted for its ability to lower blood sugar levels. Gymnema herb (gymnema sylvestre) has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic medical practitioners in India. Gymnema removes sugar from pancreas, restores pancreatic function, stimulate the circulatory system, increases urine secretion also useful for the treatment of swollen glands, cough, and fever

acerolaBerry.jpg Acerola Berry Powder - 1 pound
Acerola Berry can help strengthen the immune system, speed up the healing of wounds, prevent heart disease. The berries are very rich in vitamin C; one single berry contains 80 milligram of vitamin C -133% of the daily recommended dose. The berries are also rich in vitamin A, iron and calcium.

arabic_gum.jpg Acacia Gum Powder - 1 pound
Acacia Gum have a number of medicinal purposes. These range from actins as a demulcent since it is used to soothe skin rashes and inflammations on the body. It can also be used to cure infections of internal organs like the respiratory, digestive and the urinary tracts. Since it is easy to digest and can cure internal disorders, a mixture of acacia powder and water is highly recommended in the early stages of typhoid. Acacia Powder can also be used as an effective absorbent pill excipient, if it is diluted and sweetened.

agaricus.jpg Agaricus Blazei Mushroom Powder - Organic 1 pound
Agaricus Brazil Mushroom) is rich in polysaccharides called Beta-Glucans. It used to enhance and balance the immune system in the body. It is also helpful in reducing side effects of chemotherapy, maintaining normal blood sugar and improving skin conditions.

For full list of herb products, please contact us by email to: herbs@everstevia.com

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