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Dark Clean Stevia Seeds with high seedling emergence & germination rates:

Clean stevia seeds means the debris and feathery attachments have been removed and rubbed. They are more expensive than the raw seeds, not only because of the labour and equipment costs involved, but also because of the ratio of raw stevia seeds to clean stevia seeds is 1:4.  Every 4 kilos of raw stevia seeds make 1 kilo of clean dark viable stevia seeds.  One gram is approximately 3400 seeds. Germination rate is 65% - 70% if properly planted.  Emergence rate is 80%.

Raw Stevia Seeds

These seeds come directly from the farm with feathery attachment still on. Our stevia seeds are fresh, untreated and free of any harsh chemicals that can dramatically reduce germination rates.  Our stock is frequently rotating, no seed will ever be more than a few months old.  1 gram is about 800 - 1000 seeds. Germination rate is 40 - 45%. Sowing season average temperature is about 24 – 29 C. Store in the refrigerator at 4C is recommended for this species. 

Seedling Emergence vs. Seeds Germination:

It is more rewarding when focusing on healthy seedling you will get by the time of transplanting than focusing on germination rates. Not all sprouted seeds emerge. For example out of 60% germination you could get 80% that emerge. With good emergence one kg of seeds can usually cover 5-7 acres with stevia plantlets but all depends on the experience with stevia seed nurseries, some nurseries gave no seedlings at all, others would yield up to 85% seedlings.

It is also important to consider the critical period between germination and emergence (which lasts several days) during which seedlings must start collecting water from the soil with their new root systems in order to (1) remain alive, and (2) give them the resources to push through the soil and finally emerge. Sub-surface survival (or mortality) of seedlings is a major determinant of the success or failure of the crops.

Tissue culture, cuttings or seeds?

Any stevia project should start with seeds. Some companies sell tissue culture products or cuttings. This method is very costly and risky in terms of surviving transportation plus it’s about 10 times the cost of seeds. Seeds are still the cheapest method of propagation.

Stevioside content:

In terms of stevioside content, early flowering tend to have higher stevioside content. The concentration of stevioside in the leaves increases when the plants are grown under long days. It is better be harvested just prior to flowering when steviol glycoside content in the leaves is maximum. Later when you have 20 or 30 acres covered with stevia, you can use 4 or 5 different methods of propagation to speed up propagation and increase the content of Rebuadioside-A. A good modern seed variety can reach up to 55 - 70% of Reb-A content in the growing leaves.

Seeds Savings:

Stevia seed should remain viable for more than 3 years if stored under dry weather, darkness and low temperature at 0 C.

Study on Effects of Planting Density and Harvesting Time

Study on Seed Germination in Stevia rebaudiana

Read more about Stevia Cultivation or simply ask for our stevia technical consultation services.

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Disclaimer: The buyers need to ensure that stevia seeds is legally allowed as an import into their state/country. We at Ever Stevia Canada will not be held responsible if the country of destination rejects, destroys or confiscates the product. We do not offer product replacement for items lost/damaged/confiscated during overseas transit.


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